Circuit Theory

Dr. Charles Kim

The entrance gate to ECE and the only road to Electronics to Signals and Systems

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1 Circuit Variables Definitions and Polarity
The Laws of Electric Circuit - Link
2 Circuit Elements KVL and KCL --Example Problems

Dependent Source Problems   Homework#1 (due: (F) Feb 11)

Polarity Revisited along with KVL and KCL

3 Simple Resistive Circuits Resistor Spec and Equivalent Resistance Example

D'Arsonval Movement and DC measurement

Delta-to-Y Transformation Example

4 Techniques of Circuit Analysis Node Voltage Method

Node Voltage Method - Special Case
      Homework#2 (due: (F) Feb 18)

Mesh Current Method

Mesh Current Method-Special Case

Node Method or Mesh Current?

Source Transformation 

Superposition Principle

Thevenin Theorem --> Homework#3  (due: (F) Feb 25)

Maximum Power Transfer


Link to Smath Studio & Link to LTspice
Link to a good tutorial for Smath
Link to a good tutorial for LTspice

An example Smath code:
5 Inductors and Capacitors Capacitors and Inductors

6 First-Order Circuit First-Order Circuits
7 Second-Order Circuit Second-Order Circuits
8 Laplace Transformation Laplace Transformation --Summary

Inverse Laplace Transformation

9 S-domain Analysis s-domain Circuit Analysis --> Homework#4 (due: (F) Mar 4)

More on Laplace Transformation Application

Transfer Function and Steady-State Sinusoidal Response (and Review on Complex Number *)

Solving Integrodifferential Equations using Laplace Transformation
10 Operational Amplifier Op Amp

Op Amp Circuits

11 Frequency Selective Circuits Frequency Response and Bode Plot

Passive Filters

Active Filters (Part1, Part2, and Part3)
12 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis Sinusoidal response and Phasor Transformation

Phasor Transformation Applications

Sinusoidal Power and Power Factor

Sinusoidal Power Calculation and Maximum Power Transfer

3-phase Systems

3-phase Power Calculations  --> Homework#5 (due (W) Mar 16)

EXAM1 - From (F) Mar 18 6:00pm to (S) March 19   @10:00pm  (Upload by (S) March 19, 10:10 pm)  in the Blackboard