Senior Design 2012-2013

Dr. Charles Kim

The senior design 2012-2013 is sponsored by the Intel Curriculum Development Grant - "Intel Atom Processor based System Integration for Senior Design Project Courses." We appreciate the equipment and financial support from Intel Corporation.

0. About the Course

Dr. Charles Kim
Syllabus 1 for Senior Design I
Syllabus 2 for Senior Design II

1. Introduction

Design Process 

2. Problem Formulation

Information session on Cornell Cup 2013 Presented by Intel

Problem Formulation

Design Requirement

September 5, 2012: Mr. Delroy Green spoke on Green Energy Project in Jamaica


Project Proposal

October 3, 2012: Mr. Gregory West spoke on Northrop Grumman's Project.

October 3, 2012: Mr. Anthony Waterman and Cimoya Collins introduced the importance of getting clearance


October 5, 2012:  Mr. Carlton Blue met with his project team

October 17, 2012: Dr. Rusty Baldwin visited (with boxes of pizza)  the class to talk about the NSF scholarship for Air Force Institute.


October 17, 2012:  Teams from SDGE (left) and Goldman Sachs(right) came for informerical of their works


October 31, 2012: Tim Brown introduced his motorized bike and battery monitor

 October 31, 2012: The class invited Ravi Jaglal and Keir Morris for Atom Board Tutorial.


Oral Presentation


Proposal Presentation: Nov 14, 2012

Proposal Presentation Program


Water Purification System (Cornell Cup 2013 Finalist):  Proposal  + Presentation  [Ade Akinsiku, Henock Mazengia, and Eric Turner]


Automatic Reconfiguration: Proposal + Presentation  [Chibuzo Ononiwu, Lamine Bassene, IB Olusanya, Luan Watson, and Damel Goddard]


Smart Backpack (Cornell Cup 2013 Finalist):  Proposal + Presentation [Ellwood Lane, Samuel Omosuyi, Paul Alade, Kolanji Bankole, and Jennifer Okafor]



Grid-Eye Thermal Detection:  Proposal + Presentation [Shaddy Abdelaal, Pierre Charles, and Daley Gunter]



Robo Table:  Proposal + Presentation [Tiffany Hall, Mecaela Holmes, and Joseph Ignatius]



Judges [Dr. John Rowe, Clarence Bell, Philip Lovell, and Anthony Waterman]


Judges' Comments



After Event Mingling



  • Class Visitors

    On November 28, 2012, Dr. Percy Pierre and Mr. Korede Akinlabi-Oladimegi (a Ph.D. student and form HU student) from Michigan State University came to the class and pitched for the benefit for graduate school and higher degree pursuit.

  • Team Work

    3. Problem Solving ( "It would appear that genius is not at all a divine and rare gift, but it is the destiny of everyone who has not been born a complete idiot" - P. K. Engelmeier, a Russian engineer)

    Solution Generation

     Intel Atom Board Activities: Connection with Arduino + I/O Explorer

                                             Team Grid-Eye                                                                                                                      Team Sigma (Smart Backpack) 



                              Team Auto-Reconfiguration                                                                                              Team Water Purification

    Elevator Pitch

    Progress Presentation

    Hardware Implementation


      Ade Akinsiku, Henok Mazengia, and Eric Turner checks the communication between the Intel Board and a microcontroller.


             Team Sigma (Jennifer, Kolanji, Ellwood, Paul, and Samuel) are testing the connection of RFID reader into the Intel Board.

    2013 Intel(R) Embedded Research and Education Summit, Feb 20-22, 2013 Chandler AZ: Poster


    4. Solution Implementation

    5. Preparation for Final Presentation and Poster
     Implementation, Evaluation, and Presentation

    6. The 23rd ECE Day(April 18, 2013)

    ECE Day Program

    Presentation - Water Purification System (Finalist for 2013 Cornell Cup Competition presented by Intel) - Presentation File and Poster --- Link to Howard's Cornell Cup Website

    From Left: Eric Turner, Henok Mazengia, and Adegboyega Akinsiku.


    Presentation - Automatic Reconfiguration of Distribution Network  - Presentation File and Poster

    From Left: Damel Goddard, Chibuzo Ononiwu, Oluwabunkunmi Olusanya, Luan Watson, and Lamine Bassene.


    Presentation - Smart Backpack (Finalist and "Memorable Mention" Awardee for 2013 Cornell Cup Competition presented by Intel) - Presentation File and Poster

    From Left: Samuel Omosuyi, Kalonji Bankole, Ellwood Lane, Jennifer Okafor, and Paul Alade.  --->Link to Howard's Cornell Cup Website


    Presentation - Grid Eye Thermal Detection - Presentation and Poster

    From Left: Daley Gunter, Pierre Charles, and Shaddy Abdelaal.


    Presentation - BusBot - Presentation File and Poster

    From Left: Tiffany Hall, Joseph Ignatius, and Mecaela Holmes.


    Photo Gallery

    Demonstration Session





    Luncheon and Guest Speech


    Mr. John James, Jr.  - the guest speaker

    Recognition Time


    Mr. Carlton Blue as a top advisor.


    Mr. Philip Lovell - a top advisor


    Paul Alade - top student of the class.

    ECE Day Top 3 Teams

    First Place: Smart Backpack team


    Second Place: Water Purification team


    Third Place: Grid Eye Thermal Detection Team

    "We Jump"

    We jump for our aim and career.


    And we jump again for " ____________________    " [fill the blank], and apparently some don't for " ___________"


    Group Photo


    7.  Cornell Cup 2013 presented by Intel (Final competition at the Disney's Contemporary Resort May 4-5, 2013)
     Link to Howard's Cornell Cup Website

    Water Purification Team

  • Smart Backpack Team


    The Smart Backpack team, aka Team Sigma, earn the Memorable Mention from the Final Competition

    8. Forms (Most Recent and Updated. For other forms, check with Previous Senior Design Classes)
    Design Requirement Form (revised and provided in the class)
    Peer Evaluation Form (2012 version)
    Team Contract Form (revised and provided in the class)
    Project Binder

    9. Intel Board Related Resources

    Connection of Intel Board to PC

    10. Previous Senior Design Classes (2007-20082008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012)