Senior Design Class: 2009-2010

Dr. Charles Kim

0. About the Course

Syllabus 1 for Senior Design I
Syllabus 2 for Senior Design II

1. Introduction

Design Process

2. Problem Formulation

Identifying Needs and Defining Problems
Design Topics (Briefs)
Design Requirements
Example Design Requirements -  Example 1 (pdf format, XLS format), Example 2 (pdf format, XLS format), and Example 3 (pdf format, XLS format)
**** Visitors to the Class ****
Dr. John Trimble of Systems and Computer Sciences Department discussed about Intel Challenge Design Project of WiMAX on September 30, 2009.


Thomas Hickey from Honeywell presented on a low orbiting lunar satellite and attitude control on September 30, 2009.


Emily Allshouse, the operations manager of Prince George's county teaching fellows, talked about the Teaching Fellows program on October 7, 2009
Project Success
Project Proposal
Dr. John Rowe of Honeywell visited the class for his presentation on the background of spacecraft attitude control (Nov 4, 2009)
Proposal Presentation (Reading Material)
Proposal Panel Review: Public Presentation
November 13, 2009 (1 - 3pm) at 150 Mackey Building
* Proposal Presentation Program


Team WMX (Intel WiMAX Project) - Presentation File and Proposal
From left to right: Abeeku Paulos, Jonathan Charlery, and Cesar Gomes.


Team LDW (Lane Departure Warning System Project) - Presentation File and Proposal
From left to right: Titilope Ogunlaja, Lucky Adike, Funmi Oludaiye, and Marlon McKinnie


Team MGR (San Diego Gas & Electric Microgrid Project) - Presentation File and Proposal
From left to right: Mulegeta Damamo, D'Angelo Woods, and Christina Cheek


Team DRP (Tacoma Power Demand Response Project) - Presentation File and Proposal
From left to right: Itotoh Akhigbe and Marc Inniss


Team SAT (Honeywell Lunar Satellite Attitude Project) - Presentation File and Proposal
From left to right: Yemi Sonoiki, Danah Warren, and Tolu Kupoluyi


Proposal Presentation Judges: Dr. John Rowe (Honeywell), Peter Ramsumair (Credit Suisse), and Clarence Bell (FERC)
From left to right: John Rowe, Peter Ramsumair, and Clarence Bell.


Comment and Discussion Time
Judges share their opinions and make comments (left), and Marlon McKinnie finds time to chat with John Rowe after the event.


The last guest speaking event of the class:
Clarence Bell of FERC talked about Electricity Transmission and Reliability, Blackout, and FERC's role.


3. Problem Solving ( "It would appear that genius is not at all a divine and rare gift, but it is the destiny of everyone who has not been born a complete idiot" - P. K. Engelmeier, a Russian engineer)

Problem Solving
Progress Reporting
Guest Speaker: January 27, 2010
Susan Hudson introduced HBCU STEM Fellowship Program.


4. Solution Implementation

Solution Implementation
Guest Speaker: Vera Hendicks from Honeywell lectured on the Project Risk Management (March 10, 2010)
Guest Speaker: Steve Partyka from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of DOE presented on Solar Technologies (March 24, 2010)



ECE Day: W April 14, 2010 (@ Blackburn Center)
20th ECE Day Program
WiMax team explains its project to student attendees.
Luck Adike of LDW team, along with Tolu, Funmi, and Marlon, answers questions from Steve Wachira, Raymond Brown, and Deborah Jackson.
SAT team members (Danah, Yemi, and Tolu) poses after their heavy schedule is finally over.
MGR team (Mulegeta Damamo, D'Angelo Woods, and Christina Cheek) listens to Deborah Jackson's comments.
DRP team (Itotoh Akhgibe, Marc Inniss, and Lloyd Eley) exchanges ideas with Dr. John Anderson and Mr. Clarence Bell
Mr. Thomas Hickey, the guest speaker of the event, entertained the audience with anecdotes, encouraged the students to become the 21st century leaders.
Group Photo (Sorry for low quality)




The WiMax team ( Jonathan, Charlery, Brandon Montgomery, and Cesar Gomes) of the senior design class participated from 2009 for the 2010 Intel Design Design Challenge competition, for WiMAX testing methodology to advance students  knowledge of WiMAX and IEEE 802.16. The team won the competition and won  $10,000 prize from Intel corporation. The event and the prize check delivery
ceremony are respectively featured in the following web sites:  Howard University NewsRoom 2010 and BackEngineer Magazine.
WiMax team's presentation in the Intel Design Challenge event (April 29, 2010)
They won the challenge and received $10,000 award.

  • IEEE Standard Education Mini-Grant:  The above design team, separately, applied for the IEEE Standards Education Committee awarded a mini-grant, and got a grant with $500 prize, and the team's final report on Design and Implementation of Field Surveys of WiMAX performance indicators in an Urban Terrain is posted in the following IEEE Web-site: IEEE Standards Education Mini-Grant. Check also the Application Page

    5. Forms/Samples/Templates

    Final Report Format and Example Report
    Design Requirement Form
    Team Evaluation Form
    Peer Evaluation Form
    Meeting Agenda Sample
    Meeting Minute Sample
    Team Contract in WORD and PDF formats
    Proposal Template

    6. Other Senior Design Classes (2007-20082008-2009, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013)