Howard University Teams in Intel-Cornell Cup Competition
Contact: Dr. Charles Kim ( (202) 806-4821
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059

Intel-Cornell Cup 2016

Team Terminator Arm (Members: Ayotuden Odejayi (Leader: CpE, Sr), Mark Chase (EE, Sr), Matthew Clarke (ME, Sr), Cory Bethrant (EE, Sp), and Ramdan Bibek (ME, Fr)) competed in the Cup2016 as a Finalist.  This year's competition was done in a cyberspace on May 11, 2016.



Intel-Cornell Cup 2015

One Howard University team, Slate8 "Sign Language to Text", was selected as a finalist and competed in the 2015 Intel-Cornell Cup in May 2015 at NASA Space Center in Florida.  The team won the 3rd Placce Award.  Team members are:Roshil Paudyal (MATH, Jr), Claude Ndzami-Kolloch (EE, Sr), Prajjwal Dangal (CS, Jr), Yonatan Yilma (EE, Sr), and Sarad Dhungel (CpE, Sr) (Leader)





Cornell Cup 2014

One Howard University team from Electrical and Computer Engineering was selected as a finalist for the 2014 Cornell Cup Competition presented by Intel.  The summary of the Team's project is found here:

Team Eye View 5:  Zachary Spence (EE, Sr), Emmanuel Ademuwagun(Leader, EE, Sr), Patrick Buah (EE, Sr), Yusuf Siyanbola (EE, Sr), and Jordan Wren (CpE, Sr).

The team competed in the Final Competition on May 1-3, 2014








Cornell Cup 2013

Two (2) Howard Teams from Electrical and Computer Engineering were selected as finalists and participated in the final competition in May 3-4, 2013.

Team Sigma "Smart Backpack": Paul Alade, Jennifer Okafor, Samuel Omosuyi, Ellwood Lane, and Kalonji Bankole  ("Honorable Mention" in the final competition)

  • Team Howard Technology "Smart Portable Water Purification": Adegboyega Akinsiku, Henok Mazengia, Eric Turner, and Davis Harris



                  Final Competition on May 3-4, 2013 (Disney's Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL)









    Cornell Cup 2012

    Fall 2012, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering sent 2 proposals to the Cornell Cup USA 2012 competition, and the both teams were selected as follows:
    Team "Green Lighting" - Selected as 1 of the 24 finalist ($2500 award) and will be in the final competition on May 4-5, 2012 in the Disney World.
    Team "Blind Assistant" - Selected as 1 of 4 wild card teams and may be in the final competition.---- (5/1/2012 - This team is announced as the wild card team winner and invited to the final competition ($2500 award) !!. Now Howard has two teams in the competition.)
    Final Competition of Cornell Cup USA 2012 is held on May 4 - 5 at the Disney's Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL
    Team "Green Lighting"
    Team members: Chidi Ekeocha, Shamir Saddler, Ameer Baker, Isaac Collins, and Ravindranath Jaglal.
    Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim
    (Photo courtesy of Cornell Cup USA 2012)
    Proposal Abstract:work environment in a given The goal of this Green Lighting project is to implement a system that will enhance the room by regulating the intensity of the lights throughout the day, while minimizing energy costs. This is to address the energy costs associated with maintaining standard or optimal lighting conditions for a workspace. The system will consist of light sensors connected to BASIC stamp boards (BS2) for each relevant sector of the room which link back to a Tunnel Creek which will process the data and return instructions to the light power system as to how the intensity of each light fixture should be varied to maintain lighting standards, or user preference. In addition to a physical override circuit, the user will have access to a web interface via which the main system controls for each room can be manipulated, thus making it easier to manage the entire building’s lighting from one terminal. The system will allow the users to experience appropriate lighting throughout the course of the day therefore creating a productive and enjoyable working environment while simultaneously subsidizing energy cost for the respective institution. This system will be a valuable asset to the smart lighting industry.
    Team "Blind Assist"
    Team members: Gerard Spivey, Joshua Durodola, Antonio McMichael, Keir Morris, and Christopher Urquhart
    Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim
    Proposal Abstract: According to the National Federation of the Blind, ‘The real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight. The real problem is the misunderstanding and lack of information that exist. If a blind person has proper training and opportunity, blindness can be reduced to a physical nuisance’. With over 39 million people who are totally blind, it is imperative that assistive devices and technology be a major investment. Current assistive products; walking canes, guide dogs, compasses, text-to-speech software, PDAs have all helped improve the quality of life of individuals who are blind. A common factor with all these products is that they are designed to assist visually impaired individuals in only one aspect: either with mobility or providing PDA functions. To further assist visually impaired we are proposing a device that utilizes the strength of the atom processor to both provide PDA functions and assist with mobility. The device should be able to provide access to the internet alongside calendar, news updates and scheduling tasks. It should also be able to alert users of obstructions in their path, provide GPS directions and recognize certain objects (doors, signs). Overall, the device should improve the quality of life of blind individuals.


    Final Competition on May 4-5, 2012 (Disney's Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL)
    The Team Green Light presents to the two groups of judges.


    The Team Blind Assist presents to the group of judges.
    Joshua Durodola and Christopher Urquhhart of the team Blind Assist receives the Certificate of the Wild Card Team Winner.


    Mathworks --- Matlab Software
    Tektronix --- Lab equipment
    Keithley Instruments -- Lab Equipment
    Intel --- Atom boards and award
    * Special thanks to General Motors Foundation for providing the travel cost of the Blind Assist team through the Howard University Robotics Organization (HURO).


    Link to Senior Design Class
    Link to MWFTR.COM