EECE494 Computer Bus and SoC Interfacing

This course is sponsored by Intel Corp.

Dr. Charles Kim


Course Syllabus and 1st 4 Week Schedule



DE2i-150 Quick Start Guide (What's in the box, connection for Atom, connection for FPGA, etc.)

DE2i-150 FPGA System Manual  (Control Panel, System Builder, Examples, etc) --- A must read document for all students !!

DE2i-150 Getting Started Guide (for Software Installation, Board Setup, USB-Blaster Driver, FPGA Programming and more) --- Another must read!!

DE2i-150 Manual Insert Rev1 (for Atom Processor and Yocto OS and communication between Atom and FPGA)

DE2i-150 Updated System CD (Zip file)  (Download to your laptop - it contains essential files - execution, manual, example codes, etc.)

DE2i-150 My First FPGA



Altera Quartus II Training

DE2 Altera Lab Exercises Verilog

VHDL? VERILOG? Comparison! (Link to the original file location)

VERILOG vs VHDL (Link to the original location)


5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera Development Kit

ALTERA HSMC Specification

ALTERA All Daughter Cards - CameraLink Daughter Card Demo CLR HSMC (Youtube)


Intel Galileo Development Board and Intel Galileo Learning Center

Galileo - Product Brief

Galileo- Getting Started

Galileo- Datasheet

Galileo - I/O Mapping





Candace Ross and Dhuel Fisher.                         Class in action.



Lecture 1: DE2i-150 Kit - Brief, Weekly Progress Report Submission Instruction, and Weekly Progress Report Form (Fillable PDF)

Lecture 2: Computer Bus, Connector, and IC Package

Lecture 3: The First Step  and Demo on My_First_FPGA.


Jonathan Applewhite.                                          Raymond Jones and Ibukun Osei.                   Cherith-Eden Clements and Derrick McElwee.



Emmanuel Ademuwagun and Sarad Dhungel.          Caleb Davis and Kevin Peynado.                      Sarah Mwandu.


FPGA Coding for Beginners (Presentation by Candace Ross on 2/10/2014):  Presentation File,

                                                   Example Codes in VHDL format (LED and HEX), Example Codes in Word format (LED and HEX)


Candace Ross in Presentation [Left and above] and Demonstration with a DE2i-150 Board.


Class Demonstration (2/10/2014):  A team, of Cherith-Eden Clements and Derrick McElwee, is invited to present and demonstrate its FPGA revision efforts.


Derrick McElwee and Cherith-Eden Clements in their coding process [Left] followed by their working and proud demonstration.


Second Step in FPGA Coding - Revision of the first one to include 7-SEGs, SWs, and LEDs.

Presentation and Demonstration of Digital Stop Watch by Derrick McElwee and Cherith-Eden Clements:  Presentation

                                                     Code (in VHDL format and text format


Derrick McElwee and Cherith-Clements on presentation (left) and digital clock demonstration (right).


Demonstration in action.


[Left] Caleb Davis and Charles Brown in SOS call for Kevin Peynado.  [Center] Jordan Wren and Raymond Jones serious in bug hunting. [Right] Alexis Wells and Phathom Donald waiting for compilation.


FPGA Programming Revisited 1: VHDL and Schematics - Presented by Candace Ross (Presentation Slides)



FPGA Programming Revisited 2: Verilog and Schematics - Presented by Dhuel Fisher (Presentation Slides)



GPIO Expansion and Motion Detector Application Example: Presented by Tolulope Kupoluyi (Presentation Slides + VHDL Code)



Intel Galileo: Introduction and First Project - Presented by Emmanuel Ademuwagun (Presentation Slides)


 Lecture 4:  Serial Communication


Communication and Control between Atom and FPGA

Control of On-Board Components by Atom through PCIe --- Presented by Jonathan Applewhite and Monica Burnett (Presentation File --- 12 MB)




Atom-FPGA Communication using Ubuntu --- Presented by Emmanuel Ademuwagun (presentation file)



A/D Conversion with Galileo in Photocell Application - Presented by Phathom Donald and Alexis Wells (Presentation file)

   Phathom Donald.                                               Phathom Donald and Alexix Wells in Demo.                             Alexis Wells. 


Thermal Sensing with Galileo --- Demonstrated by Derrick McElwee and Cherith-Eden Clements


   Cherith-Eden Clements.                                  Cherith-Eden Clements and Derrick McElwee in Demo.              Derrick McElwee.                                             


Lecture 5: USB (Universal Serial Bus)


Communication between DE2i-150 and Galileo: Photocell Application  -- Presented by Phathom Donald and Alexis Wells (presentation file)

    Phathom Donald                                          Demonstration                                                        Alexis Wells 



Under high illumination ("HI" in the 7-SEGs)                                         Under low illumination ("LO" in the 7-SEGs)


Communication between DE2i-150 and Galileo: Display on De2i-150 the status of a Galileo connected sensor --- Demonstarted by Kevin Peynado, Caleb Davis, and Charles Brown


[Left] Kevin Peynado describes the demon, and [Right] Kevn Peynado, Caleb davis, and Charles Brown are busy with demo set-up.


Communication between DE2i-150 and Galileo: IR-Beacon reception on De2i-150 transmitted from another IR-Beacon connected to a Galileo --- Demonstrated by Raymond Jones and Ibukun Osei.


[Left] Raymond Jones mans the IR-Beacon at DE2i-150, and [Right] Ibukun Osei controls the IR-Beacon at Galielo.


A direction display on DE2i-150, "ESt", as the IR-Beacon homes in to the Galieo-connected IR-Beacon.