EECE416 Microcomputers

Dr. Charles Kim


Syllabus (in pdf format) of the course


Subject 1: Introduction


Subject 2: Computer History 


Subject 3: Computer Architecture and Intel i386 Datasheet)

* Note1

* Note2

* Note3

* Microcontroller Project  (Updated for the 2nd round with submission requirements and dues, etc)

-------  If your board is a mini Arduino USB from China ("Arduino Nano CH340"):  (1) Download and Save this driver file, (2) Read this driver installation instruction, and once all done, (3) See this figure to properly select this mini Arduino.

------- First component to connect: ShiftBrite V2.0 RGB LED from Macetech.  Link to the Datasheet and Documents.  Try to turn on (in different colors) and off.

------- Now connect either a 3x4 keypad or a range finder (Parallax Ping or HC-SRQ4) by which the color of the above RGB LED may controlled.



Subject 4: x86 Assembly Programming   (Link to the 80386 Instruction Set and Intel386 Programmer's Reference Manual)

Getting Started with MASM and Visual Studio:

* Note4a --- Assembly language part 1

* Note4b --- Part 2   (Data Transfer)

* Note4c -- Part 2 (Continued with Arithmetics)

* Note5 --- Part 3 (Jump and Loop)

* Note6 -- Part 4 (call, ret, push, and pop)

* Note7 -- Part 5 (Call Without- and With- Parameter Transfer with Procedure)




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