EECE416 Microcomputer
-with Intel Architecture and Atom Processor Board
Charles Kim

* The class acknowledges the Intel's support through the 2011 Curriculum Development Grant.

Catalog Data: This course provides and prepares students with fundamental knowledge of Atom processor and the development skills of the chipset for the application of the processor in the next course in sequence, EECE456 Embedded Systems Design Lab.  The first several lectures of the course are dedicated to x86 microarchitecture with MASM based assembly language programming, and the second part is focused on the Atom processor architecture and platform architecture for the board. Also, code designs and COTS OS selection and software development tools are covered.

Pre-Requisites:Digital System Design or Instructor’s approval

Instructor:  Dr. Charles Kim, LKD 3014; 202-806-4821;

Office Hours: MW 1500 – 1700

Class Time: MT 1700 – 1830 @ LKD 3113

TAs:                   Ravi Jaglal and Keir Morris

Grading Policy: Attendance; Coding Practices; Class Projects; Mid-term and Final exams.


Class Schedule:

1. Introduction

2. Computer History

3. Computer Architecture

4. x86 Assembly Language 1

5. x86 Assembly Language 2






Coding Related Resources:

1 Prepation for Lab Session (From late September - early October)

2 Microsfot MASM Assembly Language Development System - Reference[Directives and Instruction Set]

3 Connecting Intel Board to your PC (from mid-October to late November)