Computers and Nuclear Energy

EECE499 Special Topics

Dr. Charles Kim

Lecture 1: Class Introduction

Lecture 2: Computers and Risks

 HW#1: Computer related accidents and events of 2013 (4 Presentations)


                    (Left) Crepin Mahop presents American Airline's August 2013 Computer Problems, (Right) Jade Parker talks about NASA's Deep Impact troubles.


                   (Left) Andre Duarte Palhares shares NASDAQ trading outage, and (Right) D'Angelo Woods presents Computer Malfunction in a Florida State Prison.


 Reading Material for HW2 - Forgetting how it used to be done (Chapter 15 from To Engineer is Human by Henry Petroski)


                Venessa Woodson (presentation), Phathom Donald (presentation), and Jade Parker(presentation) on their findings and conclusions. 


Presentation 1: Terminology (Presented by Christine Andall)

Presentation 2: Nuclear Power and Chernobyl (Presented by Kenneth Booker)


            (Left) Kristine Andall on Terminology, and (Right) Kenneth Booker on Nuclear Power Accidents            


Presentation 3: Three Mile Island Accident (Presented by Phathom Donald)

Presentation 4: Therac-25 Accident (Presented by Jade Parker)


                        Phathom Donald (left) and Jade Parker (Right) 


Presentation 5: Events of Therac-25 Malfunctions (by Corbin Jackson)

Presentation 6: Safety-Critical Computer Systems (by Tolulope Kupoluyi)


                    Corbin Jackson (Left) and Tolulope Kupoluyi (Right). 


Presentation 7: Errors, Failures, and Risks - Failures and Errors in Computer Systems & Case Study (presented by Alexis Wells)

Presentation 8: Errors, Failures, and Risks - Reliability and Safety, Dependence, Risk and Progress (presented by Crepin Mahop)


                     Alexis Wells (Left) and Crepin Mahop. 


 Reading Material for HW3 - Myths of correctness (Chapter 8 from Sachertorte Algorithm by John Shore)


                 Tolulope  Kupoluyi presents of the Myths in his summary, Jade Paker hers, and Phathom Donald her summary.


Lecture 4: Neutron Physics (by Dr. Emmanuel Glakpe of Mechanical Engineering at Howard University)



Presentation 9: How Computer Fails - 1 (by Warren Spencer)

Presentation 10: How Computer Fails - 2 (by Andre Palhares)


           Warren Spencer on his presentation (left), and Andre Palhares in his part (right).


Lecture 5: Computers in Nuclear Safety (Guest Lecture by Dr. Tae Ahn, NRC's senior materials engineer)




Presentation 11:  Software Hazards - Part 1  (presented by D'Angelo Woods)

Presentation 12: Software Hazards - Part 2 (Presented by Venessa Woodson)


                  D'Angelo Woods (left) and Venessa Woodson (right) in theire respective presentations.

Lecture 6: Defense-in-Depth and Diversity (Note: HW#4 at the last page)

                    Click for the collage of student slides.



Presentation 13: Fail Safe Computer System Design -1 (by Yonatan Yilma)

Presentation 14: Fail Safe Computer System Design -2 (by Kenneth Booker)

Presentation 15: Fail Safe Computer System Design-3 (by Phathom Donald)


              Yonathan Yilma                                                        Kenneth Booker                                                      Phathom Donald


Presentation 16: Fail-Operate Computer System Design -1 (by Corbin Jackson)

Presentation 17: Fail-Operate Computer System Design -2 (by Venessa Woodson)

Presentation 18: Fail-Operate Computer System Design -3 (by Alexis Wells)

Presentation 19: Fail-Operate Computer System Design -4 (by Tolulope Kupoluyi)


                 Corbin Jackson                                        Venessa Woodson                                      Alexis Wells                   Tolu Kupoluyi



Lecture 7: Reactor Simulation (Guest Lecture by Shawn Marshall, NRC's Reactor Systems Engineer)





Presentation 20: Human Errors and Risk (Presented by D'Angelo Woods)

Presentation 21: Computer System Security -- Anatomy of Stuxnet (Presented by Andre Palhares)


                   D'Angelo Woods                                                                  Andre Palhares



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