Analysis and Practice for Renewable Energy Micro Grid Configuration

December 23 - 27, 2013

@ Korea Tech

Charles Kim, Ph.D.


Lecture Notes

         1. Smart Grid Overview: Overview of SG and SG Technologies; Promises, Expectations, and Hypes; Smart Meter, Lawsuits, and Bubbles(?)

         2. Renewable Energy Sources: Renewable Energy Sources in US and the World; Technology Barriers and Success Factors; Renewable Energy Development in Korea; Threat to Existing Systems; Higher Electricity Cost.

         3. Wind Energy: Wind Speed and Scale; Wind Turbine and Capacity Factor; Impact of Height and Friction Coefficient; Betz's Law; Problem SOvling by MathCad; Capital Cost Analysis; Intermittency of Wind Power; Environmental Impact of Wind Turbines; Wind Turbine Noise Level.

         4. Solar Energy; Solar Specturm; Solar Declination; Solar Radiation; Radiation of Collector; Daily Total Insolation; Peak Sun Hours; PV; PV Module Performance; Shading Effect and Bypass Diode; PV System Configuration; Battery I-V Curve; SWERA; Capacity Factor; NEC Article 690; Grid-Connected PV System Economics.

         5. Solar Electricity: Design for a Stand-Alone PV System; Load Study and Electricty Demand; Batteries; Battery Storage Capacity; Battery Discharge Curves; Battery Sizing; Hybrid PV System; Solar Pump; Hydraulic System; Pumping Head Calculation; PV Pump System Design.

         6. Micro Grid Overview: DOE Microgrid Perspective; Microgrid types, control, and optimization; Basic Microgrid Architecture; Island Microgrid; Micropower systems;

         7. Simulation with HOMER - 1: HOMER capabilities and features;  Net Present Value and Cost; Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis; Physical Modeling - Resources and Components; Emission Trading (Cap and Trade); Carbon Tax; System Dispatch; Emission Calculation in HOMER; Input report; System Report.

          8. Simulation with HOMER - 2: Grid-Connected Micropower System Design; Battery Sizing; Co2 Emission Limit.

         9. Team Projects and Summary      


Projects (Project Description)

      1. Zero-Energy System for Ieodo Science Center -- Hyung Sik Kang + Jong Sun Park (HOMER file) (HOMER Input data)



         2. 20% Renewable Fraction/Penetration for Underground Parking Facilty Lighting Loads at the Convention and Exhibition (COEX) Complex --- Jehyun Lee + Navid Ullah

            (HOMER File



        3. 100% Renewable Source Night Lighting for the Kwang Ahn Bridge in Pusan -- Seon Cheol Kim + Won Jong Jang  (Presentation) (HOMER File)\







Files [MathCad]  ["Save as"]

B35 Rayleigh [xmcd]

B39 Average Power Density [xmcd]

B45 kWh per year [xmcd]

B46-47 Capacity Factor [xmcd]

B51 COE [xmcd]

B53 Buyback Price [xmcd]

2b10 Solar Declination [xmcd]

2b14 Clear Sky Beam Radiation [xmcd]

2b27 Insolation per day [xmcd]

2b85 PV annual Energy Delivery [xmcd]

2b97 PV sizing [.xmcd]

2b110 PV Economics [xmcd]

2c19 Battery Storage [xmcd]

2c26 Battery Sizing [xmcd]

2c43 pumping head [xmcd]

2c56 Solar Pump System Design [xmcd]

4_20 NPV [xmcd]


Files [XLSX] ["Save as"]

B35 Rayleigh [xlsx file] 

B39 Average power density  [xlsx file]

B45 kWh per year [xlsx file]

B51 COE [xlsx file]

B53 Selling Price [xlsx file]

B55 COE [xlsx file]

B64 Solar Declination Method 1 + 2 [xlsx file]

B68 Insolation [xlsx file]

B82 Insolation on Tilted Collector [xlsx file]

B130 PV Sizing [xlsx file]

Links to NEC code on PV system (Article 690): slide & description

B134 COE [xlsx file]

B146 Battery [xlsx file]

B150 Battery Sizing [xlsx file]

B167 PV Sizing [xlsx file]


Latitude and longitude finder 1 & 2 & 3

Latitude and Logitude by IP Address (and more)


Link to SWERA (Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment)  or HERE

SWERA Guidebook (Manual)

SWERA - usability and adoption - a case study


Wind Statistics and Forecast:


Sun Position Calculation -- PVeducation

U. S. Solar Resource Map by Collector Types and Orientation

Peak Sun Hour Map:

National Council for Solar Growth - Evergreen Solar


HOMER Legacy Installation [.exe file] --- download and save as

ExampleProject.hmr [HOMER file]


Pyrometer? pyrheliometer ? -- How to pronounce?  Try