EECE416 Microcomputer Fundamentals and Design

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Introduction of Microcomputer

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PIC 16F877 Lecture : Other topics not listed here can be found in the book: Embedded Computing with PIC16F877 -Assembly Language Approach

PIC16F877 Introduction New
PIC16F877 Instruction Set and Tips New
Time Delay - Without Using Timer
PIC Coding Practice

PIC 16F877 Coding --Other Applications

Serial Communication
Infra-Red Controller
A/D Conversion

MUST READ for Starters and beginners

Starting Your PIC Engine!


PIC Assembler Windows Version (MPASMWIN.EXE) [Save as] - small size. Assembler only. For a full development environment, get MPLAB IDE from Microchip web site.)

PIC Downloader (copy this exe file to your desk top. When running, The box next to EEPROM must be checked. Choose 19200 bps for 16F877, and 56000 bps for 16F877A.)

FTDI Driver for Windows (This zip file contains driver software for your PIC-P40-USB board from Olimex. After download, unzip this file and save the files in your select location of your PC. Then connect your PIC-P40-USB board via USB cable to your USB port. Then, your PC would search for a proper driver for the board. Luckily you PC can recognize the board. Then, everything is OK. The only thing left is to check the serial port number of the board. Details of this are described in Chapter 4 of my book. If you are not lucky enough, the your PC asks for a driver, and you designate the location where your unzipped files reside. Wish you success!)