VIP Program at Howard University

Howard University

Washington, DC 20059

Coordinator: Dr. Charles Kim (CKIM@HOWARD.EDU)


This program is sponsored by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust as part of VIP Consortium Project (lead institution - Georgia Tech) to drive systemic reform of STEM education.  Additional financial support, especially for Senior Design class projects, is generously made by Northrop Grumman Corp.


HOWARD VIP Teams (LINK to VIP project teams)


What is VIP?:

The VIP program was created to overcome the fragmented nature of higher education, which is subdivided into research, education, service, and economic development and, for student learning, fractured and dissected into years, majors, and disciplines silos.  The VIP program intends to reverse the fragmentation, and introduces a new  type of long-term, depth-and-breadth learning environment  that can keep students engaged and improve learning and career preparation.  Under the VIP program, participating and completing a long-term practical team project provides a significant benefit for the students and the faculty advisors in terms of the continuity, technical depth, and disciplinary breadth involved in the project.  This project of VIP Program starts from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department with the projects by the majority of EECS students and EECS faculty, gradually include other majors in the College of Engineering, and expand to the University.    The first one and a half year will be dedicated to preparation and launch of the VIP program in the EEECS department.  The next 1-year period will become the year of “growth and expansion” by which the VIP program will be expanded to other departments in the College of Engineering.  The last period of a half-year will become a period for “moving toward self-sustenance” from which the VIP program extends to the entire university by the established program and schedule without additional financial. Howard University is a VIP Consortium member.

STUDENTS: VIP is open to all students regardless of discipline and level.  Participants may earn a course credit for a substitutable course by joining a team and working for the team project (Make sure you receive permission from your course instructor).  Check the VIP Orientation for Intro to Eng Students.  Also check here for the important information on the grading criteria.

VIP is a great vehicle for Research, Education, and Mentoring by opening a part or whole of your research to a long-term continual team project with students in all disciplines.  The member students of your team can be the students you hire or those who want to gain research experiences, for some, while earning credits for substitutable course(s).  Supplies for project implementation (such as sensors, computer control boards, etc) may be provided by the VIP at Howard program.  If you have any question or need further information, please contact the VIP coordinator, Dr. Charles Kim (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).  Link to Faculty-Student Research Team by VIP.   If a professor wants to incorporate this VIP framework in his or her research proposal which includes a training/education component, this VIP 1 pager may be useful.  VIP project framework is much more efficient than the traditional REU program which lasts only during a summer period.  In contrast, VIP particpation can go on years.

Students of Other Institutions: VIP is open to all students at any institution.  Participants may earn a course credit for a substitutable course of their institutions by joining a Howard VIP project team and working for the team project.  For any question, please contact Dr. Charles Kim, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Howard University.   Link to information on Inter-Collegiate VIP.

VIP Survey Form (Word format , PDF format, PDF-fillable format, and Plain Text format)

VIP Survey (Online) 

What is an Elevator Pitch and How to Prepare for it?

Orientation for new Members

What is VIP?   1 Sheet Summary

VIP Orientation for EGPP students

Building Faculty-Student Research Teams via VIP

Inter-Collegiate VIP

LINK to 2014-2015 Activities

LINK to 2015-2016 Activities

VIP Team Weekly Meeting Report (Suggested Format)


Do you want to earn a credit for a (substitutable) course by joining a team and getting research experiences?  Substitutable courses include, but not limited to, "Intro to EE/CpE", "Intro to ME,", or "Research Experience for UG students", "Senior Design", "Capstone Design," or a similarly named course. Then talk to your instructor of this opportunity and get the approval that you earn the course grade from VIP team participation. Also, check the VIP grading criteria.


* If you're interested in joining one of the teams below, please send inquiry to the VIP coordinator at  Anyone, yeah anyone, can join.

HOWARD VIP Teams (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018)



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