NOTE: Answer the following questions for your own team project.

Name:       Major:       Level (Sr, Jr, Sp, or Fr):  

  1. Today’s Date: 
  2. This semester is my (   ) [1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc] semester with this team project.
  3. Briefly explain why you chose this team project?
  4. What is the official title of your team project? 
  5. What new technical skills and knowledge have you learned from your team project?
  6. Choose from below five (5) valuable soft skills you have gained by being a member of your team.

    1  Problem solving skills 7  Information Search
    2  Teamwork 8  Self-learning skills of new subjects
    3  Interpersonal Communication 9  Awareness of research and research technique
    4  Public speaking and related skills    10  Understanding contemporary technology
    5  Personal Responsibility 11  Working in a multidisciplinary environment
    6  Time Management 12  Understanding what engineering design is about
  7. In terms of mentorship by advisors, graduate students, and peers, please indicate the degree to which you have directly benefited. (Make the total 100%)
    Faculty advisor (  ) %    Graduate students [or project manager] (  ) %    Peers [i.e., team members] (  ) %
  8. How would you do differently in your team project to enjoy and experience more of the team work and to make more contribution?
  9. Are you going to continue to work for this project next semester?
  10. By participation of VIP project, are you earning credit(s) for a course? (   ) If yes, please name the title of the course and credit hour(s):
  11. As you move from the first day of team participation to the present day of semester end, your may have experienced the joy (or confusion/agony) of learning and fun in team environment. Indicate (a)the intensity in the scale of 1(Lowest) – 10 (Highest) of the Fun (joy), and (b) the intensity of the Pain (confusion and/or agony) for the first month, second, and the last month.
    (Example1:  Fun: 1st month (2) – 2nd month (3) – 3rd month (7); Pain: 1st month (7) – 2nd month (2) – 3rd month (1))

    Fun: 1st month (  ) – 2nd month (  ) – 3rd month (  ) - 4th month (  )

    Pain: 1st month (  ) – 2nd month (  ) – 3rd month (  ) - 4th month (  )
  12. If you condense (or boil down) your experience of the team project to just one word, it would be: " "