VIP Program at Howard University

Howard University

Washington, DC 20059

Coordinator and PI: Dr. Charles Kim (CKIM@HOWARD.EDU)


2014-2015 ACTIVITIES

What is VIP?   1 Sheet Summary

Building Faculty-Student Research Teams via
VIP -- Guest Lecture (September 28, 2015) at CETLA (Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment)

VIP Orientation for EGPP students for Fall 2015.

Is your team interested in competing in the Intel-Cornell Cup 2016?   Check out the competition website and the success stories of Howard teams in the previous competition.

FORM: Team Contract  (Fillable pdf file)

NOV-DEC Schedule for FALL 2015
R 11/12/2015:  Team Submission for Individual Conceptual Designs & Team Final Design
                        Link to the Fall 2015 Lecture on Conceptual Design and Solution Generation

W 12/2/2015: Team Submission for Alternative Design & Analysis of the Alternatives + Top Design Selection
                         Link to the Fall 2015 Lecture on Alternative Solution Generation

M 12/7/2015 ~ W 12/9/2015: Individual Submission of Video/Audio clip of 1-minute elevator pitch (which answers the following 2 questions: [1] What is your project about in terms of (a) Needs (and Customers), (b) Approach for meeting the needs, (c) Competitors or Alternatives, and (d) Benefits to the Customers? [2] What is your specific contribution to the project?)
                          Link to the Fall2015 Lecture on Oral Presentation and Elevator Pitch

M 12/7/2015 ~ F 12/11/2015: Team Presentation (which covers, but not limited to, Problem statement, Current Status of Arts, Design Requirements, Conceptual Designs, Alternative Designs + Analysis of the alternatives + Top Design Selection, Progresses Made so far, Conclusions, and Demonstration if applicable)

M 12/7/2015 ~ W 12/9/2015: Individual Submission of (a) Project Note, (b) Peer Evaluation, and (c) Survey
                        Peer Evaluation
(Submit the filled form via email):  Form and Sample for Senior Students, Form and Sample for Non-Senior students, and Instruction for submitting the Peer evaluation NOT using the form BUT using Email body.

                        Survey: Form in  Word format and PFD format.


Senior Design Class Webpage: WWW.MWFTR.COM/SD.html