Senior Design Class of 2018-2019

Dr. Charles Kim


Lecture Notes:

Syllabus: Senior Design I  and Senior Design II

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: VIP Project and Teamwork: (Link to VIP at Howard and VIP Teams Team Contract Form (pdf fillable) and a Sample contract

Lecture 3:  Design Process and Problem Formulation (In-Class Team activities)
  Problem Statement Form (PDF-Fillable).  Also learn from Problem Identification in Business Situation - the First Step to Successful Problem Resolution
Lecture 4: Design Requirement (Team assignment included) Design Requirement Form (Excel) and Sample Design Requirement (Excel)
Lecture 5: Solution Generation (Team Assignment for Individual Solution Generation >> 2 Team Designs >> Top Design)
Lecture 6: (a) Standard and Regulation -- Regulatory Compliance (HW1);  (b) Intellectual Property Rights and Contemporary Issues (HW2); (c) Compliance Failure Investigation (HW#3 -  Optional)
Lecture 7: Oral Presentation

Making Storyboard


Storyboard: AutoMoe, eTrike, Graphone, Sandia, SLAM, Terminator

Team Submission:

1. problem statement: AutoMoe, eTrike, Graphone, Sandia, SLAM, Terminator
2. Design Requirements: AutoMoe, eTrike, Graphone, Sandia, SLAM, Terminator
3. Solution Design Description:   AutoMoe, eTrike, Graphone, Sandia, SLAM, Terminator

Lecture 8: Life-Long Learning

Solution Design Presentation (November 19, 2018):  Program and More

External Reviewers

From Left, Dr. Michaela Amoo (EECS - Howard University), Dr. Delroy Green (KSG Engineering), Dr. Jonathan Yuen (NRL), Dr. Paul Charles (NRL), and Jesse Fenty (Patent Attorney)


AutoMoe (Presentation Slide)

eTrike (Presentation Slide)

Ayana Walker, India Burse, Akinyemi Morakinyo, and Tramia Johnson.


Graphone (Presentation Slide)

Rodney Edge, Sheriff Adewumi, and Harrell Tolentino.

Sandia (Presentation Slide)

Nadine-Marie Bell, Michelle Chastang, Hakeem Thomas, and Stephen Young.

SLAM (Presentation Slide)

Morganne Veal, Clifford Peeples, Jarrett Cunningham, and Cameron Lewis (remote participation).


Terminator (Presentation Slide)

Owens Vil,  Marcus Ragland, and Charles Robinson.



Lecture 9: Project Implementation Plan (* Note - team assignment)


Class Visit (Cory Bethrant of Adobe, Inc.)


[Left] Cory Bethrant (a former student) visited the class and talked about the importance of time management. [Right] Morganne Veal responded to Cory's encouragement and talked about her own experience with her team SLAM.


Lecture 10: Progress Reporting and Presentation (* Note - Schedule with assigned presenters)

Lecture 11: Engineering Ethics

A. Ethics Lab - Group Work Fillable Form

B. Essay on Engineering Ethics



Lecture 12: Agile Management of Software Development (Team Acitivity -- Agile Workflow)

Lecture 13: Socially Responsible Engineering & Citizen Engineer LAB form (regular and fillable pdf)

Lecture 14: Elevator Pitch + Final Report Submission 

Lecture 15: Final Presentation Format for EECS Day & Link to Perfect Poster (Poster Preparation)




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