Senior Design Class of 2013-2014

Dr. Charles Kim


Lecture 1: Design Process

               Project Candidates

                     1. Cornell Cup USA 2014 

                     2. DOE 3rd Annual Better Buildings Case Competition

Lecture 2: Problem Formulation

Lecture 3: Design Requirements    (Design Requirements Example in XLS format)


Project Briefing


Tiago Nunes Barbi Costa (left) briefs on distribution generations, and Alexis Wells (right) talks about energy efficient building case study competition.



Raymond Jones (left) and Emmanuel Ademuwagun (right) both brief on some important projects which should be remained not disclosed for a while.


Caleb Davis (left) talks on a bus-bot project and Andre Duarte Palhares (right) briefs on his project of cyber-security for smart grid.


Lecture 4: Project Proposal (Proposal Template & Sample Proposals: 1, 2, and 3)

Lecture 5: Teamwork  (and fillable team contract form)



Teams are busy with working on team contracts.


 Introduction of Intel Board DE2i-150 kit (Dev-Kit-Manual, Manual Insert, FPGA System Manual, and also some recent announcement on Yocto)

Tolulope Kupoluyi,  a graduate student, introduces the Intel DE2i kit to the class.


Lecture 6: Oral Presentation --- Proposal Presentation


Proposal Presentation Event --- November 13, 2013


Proposal Presentation Program


Bus Boy Robot (Team Bison Innovation: Sarah Mwandu, Cecily Gomes, Caleb Davis, Bethany Robinson, and Ibukun Osei): Presentation File


Ibukun Osei, Sarah Mwandu, Caleb Davis, Bethany Robinson, and Cecily Gomes.


Energy Efficient Building (Team MGI: Alexis Wells, Monica Burnett, Venessa Woodson, and Lakeasha Williams). Slide file.  *Note: This project competes in the DOE's better building case 2013 competition.

     Alexis Wells, Monica Burnett, Lakeasha Williams, and Venessa Woodson.


Eye View Navigation (Team Eye View 5: Emmanuel Ademuwagun, Yusuf Siyanbola, Zachary Spence, Patrick Buah, and Jordan Wren). Slide file.  **Note: This team is a Cornell Cup 2014 Finalist.   Check the Howard University's achievement in the previous Cornell Cup competitions.

                                                    Zachary Spence and Yusuf Siyanbola 


Emmanuel Ademuwagun, Patrick Buah, and Jordan Wren.


Distributed Generation (Team Green Alpha: Tiago Costa and Phathom Donald). Slide file.


Phathom Donald and Tiago Costa.


Cyber SCADA (Team HU5CADA: Andre Palhares). Slide file.



Mobile Air Purifier (Team: Raymond Jones, Charles Brown, Kenneth Booker, Warren Spencer, and Von Miles). Slide file


Von Miles, Kenneth Booker, Raymond Jones, Warren Spencer, and Charles Brown.


Perimeter Monitoring (Team Digital Dynamic: Jonathan Applewhite, Tesfayohnes Woldselassi, and Brittany Jackson). Slide.


Tesfayohnes Woldselassi and Jonathan Applewhite.


Judges and Q&As


Dr. Mihai Dimian, Dr. Hasan Salamani, Dr. Ahmed Rubaai, and Mr. Allen Kelly


Prof. Rubaai and Allen Kelly in question.



Lecture 7: The Next Step

                Peer Evaluation Form (Word .docx formatpdf format)


REMINDER:  Winter Break Activity --- Presentation in the first class of Spring 2014, which is on Wednesday, January 15.


Lecture 8: Systems Engineering Approach for Design Project (Guest Lecture by Jeffrey Volosin, NASA)



Lecture 9: Solution Generation

Lecture 10: Project Implementation and Evaluation Planning (Fillable form for Implementation and evaluation plan)


Class Visitors (2/5/2014):  Lisa Zelkind and Kaeem Omidiji from San Diego Gas & Electric came to the class for company information and interview for internship and employment.


Lisa Zelkind and Kazeem Omidiji from San Diego Gas & Electric.


Lecture 11: Project Progress Reporting

Project Progress Presentation: Feb - March 2014


[Left] Mr. Kelly from NGC participated in reviewing the second progress presentation. [Right] Class



Team Busboy Robot                                                                                      Team Perimeter Monigtoring



Team Mobile Air Purifier                                                                 Team Distributed Generation.



Team Better Building Case Competition                                     Team Eye View 5


Lecture 12: Final Stretch



24th ECE Day: April 17, 2014

1 ECE Day Program


2 Project Presentation and Demonstration

Team 1 - Bus Boy Robot (Sarah Mwandu, Cecily Gomes, Caleb Davis, Bethany Robinson, and Ibukun Osei) -Presentation & Final Report




Team 2 - Innovative Solution for Energy Efficiency in Buildings [DOE Better Building Case 2014  Competition Participant] (Alexis Wells, Monica Burnett, Venessa Woodson, and Lakeasha Williamns) - Presentation & Final Report




Team 3 - Eye View Navigation System [Cornell Cup2014 Finalist] (Emmanuel Ademuwagun, Yusuf Siyanbola, Zachary Spence, Patrick Buah, and Jordan Wren) - Presentation & Cornell Cup Application & Link to the team's Final Competition on May 1-3, 2014 in Lake Buena Vista, FL.




Team 4 - Integration of Distributed Generation to Power Grid (Phathom Donald) - Presentation & Final Report




Team 5 - Mobile Air Purifier (Raymond Jones, Charles Brown, Kenneth Booker, Warren Spencer, and Von Miles) - Presentation & Final Report




3 Luncheon and Guest Speaker Speech (Guest Speaker: Nicholas Xenos, Juniper Networks)


4 Award Ceremony

(a) Guest Speaker Appreciation

Dr. Mohamed Chouikha, chair of the department, presents Appreciation Plaque to Mr. Nicholas Xenos


(b) Honoring Top Student (Monica Burnett)

Monica Burnett is honroed as the Top Student of the school year 2013-14.


(c) Honoring Top Advisor (Dr. John Rowe)

  Dr. John Rowe, Honeywell, is honored for his continued support for project success as the Top Advisor of the academic year 2013-14.


(d) Project Team Honor --- First Place [Team "Eye View Navigation System"]


(e) Project Team Honor --- Second Place (Team "Integration of Distributed Generation to Power Grid")


(f) Project Team Honor --- Thrid Place (Team "Innovative Solution for Energy Efficiency in Buildings")


5. Group Photo


6. Jump

Because we jump at the chance to become engineers, entrpreneurs, high tech start-up owners, and graduate students.


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