Intel Intelligent Systems Curriculum Development 2013-2014
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Howard University
Washington DC 20059
"Computer Bus and SoC Interfacing"
This project is supported by Intel Corporation in 2013-2014 academin year.

Project Overview:

Most students, even after taking microcomputer and embedded systems courses, do not understand the details and complexities of the business of interfacing PCs, SoCs, Intel Atom embedded systems, or DE2i-150 kit to external mobile devices, intelligent equipment, or simple sensors.  Their simple mind-set is that connecting an external device to the computer system via USB for example would have the computer and the device somehow worked out to talk together, without thinking or knowing about the details of hand-shakes, electrical and data specifications, and protocols.  This results in the situation that students cannot connect anything except a USB device with fully supported software which is compatible with the computer system.  Outside of it is out of question.  The objective of the course, therefore, is to cure the problem of under-preparedness in SoC interfacing and to equip students with core knowledge of computer buses and SoC interfacing with external devices.  It also focuses on the practical coding experience of interfacing Intel Atom-based embedded system boards or DE2i-150 kits with external devices such as media, Ethernet, another controller, memory and storage, and 1- or 2- line or I2C devices.


EECE494 Special Topic: Computer Buses and SoC Interfacing.  This new course to be developed by the project will provide students with fundamental understanding of computer buses and sensor ports available in SoC or Intel’s Atom embedded systems or DE2i-150 kit in particular.  The course will also provide students with practical coding experiences of connecting the SoC to external devices.  In learning aspects, students would get both the core knowledge and the practice of features, specifications, and protocols of the computer buses and sensor ports and their interfacings.


Intel Atom Boards:

Ten (10) DE2i-150 HW  - Intel N2600 Atom CPU and the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA

Project Investigator:

Dr. Charles Kim ( Tel: 202-806-4821)

Student Workers:

Tolulope Kupoluyi (Graduate Student) -- TA + Module Development
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