2to4 Scholarship from Inclusive Engineering Consortium (IEC)


2to4 Scholarship is to support IEC's 2to4 program focused on first-generation, underrepresented community college students in their transition in completing four-year ECE degree.  Howard university is a recipient institution. 

Eligibility: Present students in EE (Electrical Engineering) or CpE (Computer Engineering) at Howard University who were transferred from any community college including, among others, Montgomery College (MC) or Prince George's Community College (PGCC) in Maryland or Northern Virginia Community College (NoVA), OR present any community college student, including, among others, MC or PGCC or NoVA, who are going to transfer to EE or CpE program at Howard University.  U. S. Citizenship or Permanent Residentship is required.

Application:  Link to the Application Site.

Contact at Howard University:  Dr. Charles Kim, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  ckim@howard.edu


EE Program at Howard University:  Link to the EE curriculum webpage

MC - HU course transfer:  Example case of an MC student who transferred to EE program at Howard.

PGCC - HU course transfer:  PGCC-HU course equivalence list