EECE445 Embedded Systems Design Lab
-with Intel Atom Processor Board
*The class acknowledges Intel's financial and equipment support through the 2011 curriculum development grant

Dr. Charles Kim


Class Schedule (Tentative):

Jan. 23 – Introduction and System Design + Biweekly Report Format

Jan. 30 – Platform Selection (familiarization) and System Design * LAB-Tunnel Creek System Set-up (individually with TA)

Feb. 6 - Detailed System design and Platform familiarization * LAB-USB-based I/O control of Tunnel Creek (Gerard/Ravi)

[LEFT] Ravi Jaglal explains the I/O Explorer USB board. [RIGHT] Tiffany Hall and Christopher Urquhart look on the demonstration.

Feb 13 - System Design Finalized and Platform Application * LAB- HD Audio connection (Ravi/Gerard)

[LEFT] Gerard Spivey in demonstration of the HD audio. [RIGHT] Connection details of Atom HD audio.

Feb 20 – No class (but System integration continues): Intel Intelligent Systems Summit 2012

Dr. Kim's Poster
Gerard Spivey and Ravi Jaglal are in dicussion with the attendess in front of the Dr. Kim's poster.

Feb. 27 – System Integration - Progress Demonstration

[LEFT] Christopher Urquhart demonstrates his ultrasound sensor connection with Atom board. [RIGHT] Connection details with I/O board and the sensor.
[LEFT] Kelvin Goodman demonstrates a code development system ported on Atom board. [RIGHT] The screen of the demonstration in process.

Mar. 5 –System Integration * LAB-Ethernet Connection (Ravi/Gerard)

Mar. 12 – Spring Break

Mar. 19 – System Interagtion

Mar. 26 - Class Demonstration

Apr. 2 – System Review and Adjustment

Apr. 9 & 16Final System Completion and Test

Apr. 23 – Final Class Demonstration

Howard University Teams in Cornell Cup USA 2012 - Presented by Intel