CpE_FT:  Website for Freshmen and Transfer Students

Computer Engineering (CpE) Program

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

College of Engineering and Architecture

Howard University


Advisor: Dr. Hassan Salmani  (hassan.salmani@howard.edu; 202-806-7684; #3030A LKD)


Notice:  All Math Lab courses (1, 2, and 3) are offered this semester

0. FAQ in general subject (not directly of EE/CpE program)

1. CpE Curriculum in XLSX format

   What are the benefits of early or on-time complertion of a degree?  Many, but one involves money --- Read about Tuition Rebate and GRACE grant

2. Courses to take in the first 2 semesters: Example (meaning just an example) for Freshmen and Example (yeah, an example) for Transfer Students

3. List of EE/CpE Elective Courses (Social Science, Humanities, Engineering Science, and EE/CpE elective courses)

4. Registration Request Form:  DOCX format, PDF format, and Fillable PDF format

5. EE Program Website

6. ECE Main Page (for Registration Helps and Helpful Links)