List of Humanities Elective Courses for EE Curriculum

(*Note: The list is not exhaustive.  Talk to your advisor if you have another course in your mind.)

Course Course Title Crs
AFST156 Introduction to African Literature 3
CLAS101 Greek Literature in English 3
CLAS102 Roman Literature in English 3
CLAS108 Greek Drama in English 3
CLAS109 Classical Mythology 3
CLAS113 Women in Ancient World 3
CLAS016 Ideas in Antiquity 3
FERN100 Francophone Literature in English 3
RUSS100 Great Short Stories 3
SPAN100 Hispanic Literature in English 3
Intro to Humanities I 3
CLAS114 Lyric Poetry in Classical Antiquity 3
ENGL009 Tech Writing - Pre-Professional 3
ENGL056 Intro to Caribbean Literature 3
ENGL168 Modern Caribbean Literature 3
GERM101 Literature of Love 3
Women in Literature 3
GERM100 Individual and Society 3
GERM109 Northern  Myths and Legends 3
GERM111 Classical Films in English 3
RUSS109 Slavic Mythology 3
ARTH161 Art Appreciation 3
CLAS103 Classical Art and Archaeology 3
CLAS111 Satire and Comedy in Ancient World 3
MUSC100 Intro to Music 3
MUTP100 Blacks in Arts 3
THFD010 Intro to Theatre 3
PHIL051 Principles of Reasoning 3